3:1 Logistics

It is a great challenge for us to remain competitive in the fierce competition that characterises the rail freight market since its liberalisation. Our highly-qualified workforce, complex services and modern vehicle fleet help us fully meet the ever-changing needs of the market and the customers. As a result, the number of our transports conducted outside the line network of GYSEV is growing continuously. On the liberalised market of the Central-European region, we have been providing professional and reliable transport services for several years.

Thank to our operating permit, independent traction capacity and agreements with other railway companies on vehicle provision, we have become one of the most dynamic and most reliable “private” railway companies of the region.

Railway services

Traction + rail freight transport
  • Transport of intermodal and conventional block trains
  • Single wagon load (on own infrastructure)
  • Tracking & tracing
  • Full commercial administrative services (waybill, re-expedition etc.)
  • Customs clearance

Classification yard
  • Technical data
  • 16 running tracks
  • 1 loading track for commercial traffic
  • Tracks with catenary, suitable for electric traction
  • 1 track-scales
  • Comprehensive electronical data processing
  • Services
  • Wagon collection/ block train composition
  • Antenna-like distribution/collection of incoming block trains
  • Re-expedition
  • Handling of dangerous goods/RID
  • Technical inspection of trains
  • Technical wagon repair
  • Weighing of wagons

  • 27 electric locomotives
  • 1 diesel locomotive (for traction)
  • 14 diesel shunting locomotives

  • 25 Sggmrss 90‘
  • 35 Sgns 60
  • 90 Habis
  • 88/50 Ea/Fas

Intermodal services

Facilities of the container terminal

  • Number of crane tracks: 6
  • Number of holding tracks: 4
  • Lifting apparatus: 2 gantry cranes
  • (40 t – 45’ container, swap body, semi-trailer)
  • 1 mobile crane (40 t – 45’ container, swap body, semi-trailer)
  • Storage space: 30 000 m2
  • Lifting of containers with crane:
  • 240 pcs/day resp. 72 000 pcs/year
  • Storage: 2 000 TEU

Terminal services

  • Moving, storage (deposition), loading/unloading, re-expedition, repair and cleaning of multi/intermodal transport equipment; 
  • Block train composition, organization of pre-and on-carriage with defrayal, storage of dangerous goods, comprehensive customs logistics, asset protection and security services

Sopron Container Terminal – Logistics Center

Logistics services

Our Logistics Services Centre was established in 1990 and has been under constant development and expansion ever since. Our most important basic logistics service is warehousing; we provide an open storage area of about 60 000 m2 and an indoor warehouse of about 28 000 m2 to our customers. All warehouses have direct access routes which connect them to the road and the rail. An advanced barcode information system and modern equipment ensure that we can fully meet the customers’ needs. In collaboration with national and international carriers and road haulers, we undertake the pre-carriage and on-carriage of shipments as a service strongly connected to rail freight transport, as well as road transportation for our railway-independent customers, ensuring also door-to-door delivery on request.

  • Warehouse logistics
  • Un-/loading of goods from/into wagons/trucks
  • Road transport organization
  • Moving and storage of containers
  • Comprehensive customs clearance

Road transport organization

  • Organization of road transport connected to rail freight transport (pre and post-carriage)
  • Excellent partner network of road transporters
  • Organization of domestic and international transport
  • Sheeted trucks up to 3.5 – 24 tons
  • Container carrying vehicles (containers up to 20 – 45’)

Warehouse logistics

  • Open storage space: 60.000 m2
  • Covered storage space: 28.000 m2
  • All warehouses have direct access routes which connect them to the road and the rail
  • Public and consignment warehouses, warehouse rental and VAT warehousing
  • Hub function
  • Transport preparation
  • Finishing services, unit load composition
  • Rental of warehouse resources
  • Transshipment road/rail

Road transport organization

  • Complete customs clearance
  • Sopron Office of the Customs Office of Győr – customs yard type I
  • Qualified personnel
  • AEO-F Certificate – Authorized Economic Operator

Opening hours

  • Monday-Friday: 08:00 – 18:00
  • Saturday: 09:00 – 13:00