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New IT-system at GYSEV CARGO

Providing high quality services to customers plays a particularly important role for GYSEV CARGO Zrt.

Providing high quality services to customers plays a particularly important role for GYSEV CARGO Zrt. In order to achieve this goal, in 2018 our company began to further develop its IT system and, at the same time, to optimize its value-adding business processes. GYSEV CARGO’s partner in this IT project is the Dutch software development company Ab Ovo, which has gained extensive experience in many areas of logistics over the past few years, especially in the construction and operation of European rail systems.

The first important and spectacular stage of the software development and implementation project was the introduction of the commercial module of the RMS system (Rail Management System) in March 2020. Since then, we can process our customers’ orders in a complex IT system and the process which ends with service accounting, comprises automated steps in several stages.

Since the commercial mode went live in March last year, the focus has been on exploring operational processes, identifying needs and making improvements. When formulating the specifications, we paid particular attention to the fact that data exchange between our company and other railway companies, partners and railway service providers occurs electronically, mostly in an automated way. To this end, a number of interfaces are being developed that ensure the flow of data between the RMS and third-party IT systems. For example, the system sends information on dangerous goods, collects and forwards data on the status of shipments and trains to customers, tracks the approval processes relating to train transport and, last but not least, supports the daily work of our colleagues through several interfaces, because it collects and synthesizes the data and then aggregates them in a system, which increases the efficiency of our work.

The planned start of the module for business process support is in October 2021, until then there are still many tasks to be solved with the developers. Our goal is to be able to offer our partners and customers the usual high quality in the future so that the changeover does not lead to problems and we can efficiently communicate with the IT systems of our customers and partners through interfaces.

Sopron, August 2021