Ludmille arrived in Sopron Back

Ludmille arrived in Sopron

In June 2018, GYSEV CARGO bought two BR233 locomotives (nicknamed "Ludmilla") from DB's site in Chemnitz, Germany, where the vehicles had been stationed.

The company opted for a complete overhaul of the locomotives and sent the vehicles relying on German precision to Cottbus, where they were dismantled to the bottom plate. The first vehicle in the new CARGO colors arrived in Sopron last Thursday under the number 648 001. It is now being equipped with safety equipment and a radio in accordance with Hungarian regulations. 

The second loco (former DB number 233 536) is expected to arrive soon, too, although the exact date of its arrival is not yet known. For Hungarian infrastructure, the Ludmillas already have a type approval, so GYSEV CARGO only has to take care of the required running tests.

The two new diesel engines will be used for traction of freight trains on the Rajka - Gyékényes route, partly because the section Zalaszentiván-Nagykanizsa is not yet electrified and secondly, to replace the engines that are being currently leased from Romania and MÁV-Start.