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Locomotive procurement at GYSEV CARGO

GYSEV CARGO has reached an important milestone this year

The Hungarian freight transport company, which is 100% owned by GYSEV Zrt., has hitherto used the locomotives of the parent company as well as leased vehicles for its transport orders. However, in view of the rising performance figures of the previous years and the stable clientele, the management suggested to the owner the procurement of own traction vehicles, which was eventually approved. The company then purchased two high-performance BR 233-series diesel locomotives as well as a high-performance, state-of-the-art SIEMENS VECTRON electric locomotive that can be used on rail infrastructure in several countries. The financing of the locomotive procurement took place in the case of the diesel locomotives at the expense of the earnings reserve of GYSEV CARGO, in the case of the electric engine to 50% from a shareholder loan from the parent company. The diesel locomotives are generally used for transports on Hungarian infrastructure, while the multi-current locomotive is used in addition to GYSEV CARGO also by its Austrian subsidiary, Raaberbahn Cargo GmbH.

The new vehicles were presented to the executives of the GYSEV Group and the employees of GYSEV CARGO at an atmospheric celebration. At the unveiling of the locomotives, Szilárd Kövesdi, CEO of GYSEV, Csaba Ungvári, Head of Board of GYSEV CARGO and János Boda, CEO of GYSEV CARGO, cut the ribbon in the colors of the Hungarian flag together. As Mr. Boda emphasized in his welcoming speech, it is particularly important for GYSEV CARGO that the company now has its own traction capacities, in addition to the successful exploitation of the synergies of the GYSEV Group.