In operation: GYSEV’s newest Siemens Vectron locomotive Back

In operation: GYSEV’s newest Siemens Vectron locomotive

After completing all the necessary preparatory work, the first Siemens Vectron locomotive of Raaberbahn Cargo GmbH was put into operation on 2nd September 2021.

The Austrian subsidiary of GYSEV CARGO Zrt., Raaberbahn Cargo GmbH, ordered the electric locomotive from Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH this February. Thanks to its multi-frequency configuration, the Siemens Vectron MS A loco can be used in any European country regardless of its power system.

After receiving a new exterior design in line with the corporate image and an on-board train tracking device, the traction vehicle is now ready to start traffic under the operation number 91 80 6193 595-6.

The exterior design of the latest Siemens Vectron of the GYSEV corporation was created according to the new Corporate Image: it uses the company’s basic colour scheme green-yellow, but has a modern and dynamic flair to it.