GYSEV CARGO Zrt. supports purchase of a new ultrasound device Back

GYSEV CARGO Zrt. supports purchase of a new ultrasound device

GYSEV CARGO Zrt. donated 6.5 million HUF to the Foundation for the Elisabeth Hospital in Sopron for the purchase of a new ultrasound device to be used in the future in the Sopron Health Center for diagnostic purposes.

Experts say that ultrasound is the stethoscope of the 21st century, which is now essential for a precise diagnosis in several medical fields. The new multi-purpose ultrasound device was offered to the intensive care unit of the Sopron Health Center, one of the best equipped units of the institute.

Modern ultrasound allows the quick recognition of resp. differentiation between various diseases. The additional buttons of the ultrasound device enable the examination of several organs. With the heart ultrasound, for example, one can determine the need for fluid therapy or ascertain functional disorders of the heart valves and heart muscle. At the same time, this modern equipment can map the condition of the blood vessels and recognize various circulatory disorders. If necessary, it is also suitable for diagnosing chest and lung diseases and monitoring the course of the disease.

Another advantage of the device is that it is mobile and can therefore also be used next to the patient's bed.

The ultrasound device was handed over to Dr. Dániel Kulcsár, Acting Director General of the Sopron Health Center by Mr. János Boda, CEO of GYSEV CARGO on Monday.

“This donation is perhaps even more important to us given the current epidemiological situation. The intensive care unit of all hospitals, including the intensive care unit of the Sopron Medical Center, plays an important role in the treatment of COVID-patients. We are not yet a COVID-hospital - the medical treatment of COVID-patients takes place in hospitals designated for this purpose by the government - but we need to be prepared for the event that we are later involved – either in whole or in part - in the treatment of the infected patients. The ultrasound device will be a great help to us even after the end of the pandemic, because we also have to think about the future”- explained on the occasion of the handover of the ultrasound device Dr. Kulcsár.

“Corporate social responsibility has always been a concern for GYSEV CARGO. That is precisely why we came to the idea that we would donate this device to the Health Center, and thanks to our successful operations, we could make this a reality. I am very pleased that we could support the purchase of such a multi-purpose diagnostic device. We will continue to follow the activities of the hospital of Sopron so that we can help again if need be”- added Mr. Boda, CEO of GYSEV CARGO.