GYSEV CARGO Zrt. celebrates 10-year anniversary with an advertising locomotive Back

GYSEV CARGO Zrt. celebrates 10-year anniversary with an advertising locomotive

Sopron, 15th January 2021 The freight transport company GYSEV CARGO is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an advertising locomotive

With the Siemens Vectron locomotive, which bears the name “NO PLANet B”, the company would like to draw attention to the importance of environmentally friendly freight transport.

This January it is exactly ten years ago that the subsidiary of GYSEV Zrt., GYSEV CARGO Zrt. was founded. The management of the freight transport company has decided to celebrate the anniversary with an advertising locomotive. In the last few days, the sticker “NO PLANet B” was applied to a Siemens Vectron locomotive - a traction vehicle that the Sopron-based company acquired in 2019. 

In addition to the anniversary year, the theme of the sticker draws attention to the fact that rail freight transport is much more environmentally friendly than transport by road. GYSEV CARGO carries out freight transport with electric locomotives, which reduces CO2-emissions by a fraction compared to road transport. 

„We only have one planet, the Earth, there is no other and there is no plan B. It is our common responsibility to protect our living space as best as possible. We have to protect our environment wherever we can. It is a primary goal of GYSEV CARGO to transport an increasing volume of goods by rail instead of road. Rail transport is far more environmentally friendly and this way we can contribute to sustainable development and the future”- said János Boda, CEO of GYSEV CARGO. 

Thanks to its environmentally conscious operation and business management, GYSEV CARGO was particularly successful among the Hungarian freight transport companies in the field of energy efficiency in 2020. The success is largely due to the low energy consumption of the company’s modern electric locomotives - at GYSEV CARGO the energy recovery rate was 50% higher than the national average. It is thanks to this fact and the more modern braking system of the railway wagons that both the pollutant emissions and the noise pollution are significantly lower.  

During its ten years of operation, the share of combined transport (i.e. transport with containers) of the company has been consistently high and is still above 50 percent. GYSEV CARGO cooperates with the biggest road transport undertakings in Europe; transshipment from road to rail takes place in the company’s Logistic Center (Container Terminal) in Sopron, which offers complex logistic services. 

For the future, the CARGO management has decided to take measures within the framework of the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management standard that will further reduce the company’s ecological footprint. 

The application of the promo sticker was done by Loc&More Kft.