Gysev Cargo Hungary chooses Rail Cargo System from Ab Ovo Back

Gysev Cargo Hungary chooses Rail Cargo System from Ab Ovo

In order to improve the complete efficiency of Order-to-Cash and Operational Transport Processes, Gysev Cargo selected Rail Cargo Solution (RCS) from Ab Ovo.

Ab Ovo is very proud to welcome Gysev to its growing base of rail clients who choose RCS over non-rail specific ERP solutions.

RCS will enable Gysev to achieve its ambitious objectives:

• Adopt a Management Information System that will give Management full visibility and control of its organization.

• Increase its competitiveness in the market.

• Optimize infrastructure/traction capacity planning and costs.

• Monitor the planned/actual traffic and position of the trains, including external and internal information about wagons and trains (customers, authorities, internal organizational units).

After RCS is implemented, all data will be handled in one system resulting in a unified solution integrating all operational and administrative dataflows. Cost reductions are expected as a result of the realized efficiencies. RCS has an open architecture, meaning it can easily be extended and linked to new and existing business applications.

Mr. András Végh, Deputy General Manager at Gysev, states that “the implementation of RCS is key for Gysev Cargo to maintain its competitive position in the European rail market and to stay in the forefront of the growth of Rail Cargo.”

RCS roll out has already started with the finance/order-to-cash module, followed closely by the production module. The final go-live is scheduled in mid-2020. Gysev’s CEO, Mr. János Boda, is very pleased with Ab Ovo’s cooperation with Gysev: “The rail expertise of Ab Ovo, and the working relationship within the team, shows great opportunity and a positive outlook to the go-live of the first phase”.

About Gysev Cargo

GYSEV CARGO Ltd. appeared on the European rail freight market as a legally independent rail freight operator in year 2011, earlier it was a division of GYSEV. Since then it is a subsidiary of GYSEV, its shares are owned 100% by the mother company. The main activity of GYSEV has always been rail freight transportation in Europe and other complex logistics services, e.g. road transportation management, warehousing, re-expedition, weighing railway wagons, loading and unloading goods to/from railway wagons, customs clearance. GYSEV CARGO Ltd. has a subsidiary in Austria, which is called Raaberbahn Cargo. Raaberbahn has all the licenses and certifications to be able to transport goods on railway in Austria. GYSEV CARGO Ltd. offices are located in Sopron, Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria) and Wulkaprodersdorf (Austria). More information can be found via

About Ab Ovo

Ab Ovo is an innovative and independent business & software solutions provider. We provide highly specialized logistics software solutions, supply chain analytics and rail cargo solutions. Ab Ovo is a key player in the field of logistics with extensive experience and expertise in Supply Chain Planning & Optimization (SCP&O). Ab Ovo delivers unique software solutions based on specialist third-party software from Quintiq. Offices are located in Rotterdam (HQ), Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Boston and Shanghai. For more information, visit or follow Ab Ovo on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.