2nd Carpathian Expo, Budapest Back

2nd Carpathian Expo, Budapest

In view of the clear success of the Carpathian Basin Economic Expo and Conference launched last year by the Hungarian National Trading House, the most important economic forum of the entire Hungarian community for was organized this year again.

As one of the leading players in the region representing both Hungary and Austria, GYSEV CARGO Zrt. was also invited to the conference.

The venue of the Expo was the Castle Garden in Budapest. The approximately 400 exhibitors and a further 1500 participants clearly demonstrate that in recent years great progress has been made in deepening the relations between the home country and the areas beyond the border.

One of the main achievements since 2010 is the strengthening of national cohesion in the public, social and economic spheres. Particularly noteworthy in this context is the success of the economic programs launched abroad for the Hungarian communities.

Besides that the 2nd Carpathian Basin Economic Expo and Conference is an economic forum and business meeting for the entire Hungarian community, it enables the strengthening of economic relations among the Hungarians living in Hungary and the neighboring countries; furthermore, an overview of the results achieved in the field of national politics and the definition of further tasks.

For more information on the expo please visit the website of the conference: http://www.karpatexpo.hu/